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Customer Feedback Mechanism

CCWD as Contract Monitoring Unit, through the Commercial and Customer Care Divisions, shall establish and implement customer feedback mechanisms which shall include the following :

  • Customer Feedback from walk-in customers, phone-in calls, SMS/text-in messages, CCWD Website
  • CCWD Suggestion Box
  • Annual Customer Surveys

To facilitate customer feedback in all available or accessible forms of communication, CCWD shall inform and encourage its customer/concessionaires to give their feedback through the extensive use of a customer hotline or helpline for customer complaints/feedback, a Suggestion Box at the points of service, SMS/text-in messages and through the customer response portion of the CCWD Website.

The Commercial Division shall give quick response to walk-in customers and phone calls bearing customer complaints and other related feedback. The standard shall be to answer complaints immediately and courteously, and assure the customer on the appropriate action to be taken by CCWD:

  • On matters relating to pipeline new connection, reconnection, disconnection - based on the standard response time set by CCWD;
  • On water quality and water flow/production concerns – within 24 hours or less; time requirement shall also depend on the nature of the problem;
  • On meter reading, billing and collection concerns – within 24 hours or even less depending on the nature of the problem;
  • Others - on complaints not answerable or covered by the above-listed, assigned personnel shall inform the customer that a return call shall be given by CCWD within an hour after receipt of the customer’s phone call. The assigned personnel shall coordinate with the concerned division for the appropriate action to be taken and thereafter call back the customer on the corrective action to be implemented. The same shall follow with walk-in complaints. The customer shall be given the answer as quickly as possible within the hour of his visit or shall be given an update through a return call or follow-up visit by the meter reader/CCWD representative.

The Commercial Division, through the supervision of its Division Manager, shall handle feedback received from SMS/text-in messages and the CCWD Website. Complaints shall follow the standard procedures for the required action and response time on any of the aforementioned customer-related cases.

Suggestion boxes at the CCWD main office and at the satellite office shall be placed at a strategic area within said offices. A sign shall be posted to encourage comments or suggestions from customers or visitors who come to the CCWD offices. Comment cards shall be provided for the purpose.

The Suggestion Boxes shall be opened on once a week by the CUstomer Care Division. It shall review and analyze/integrate inputs from the comment cards. Those found relevant and with impact on the continual improvement process of the CCWD shall be presented to the MANCOM/Management Review for further evaluation, approval and action planning.

To determine if customer satisfaction is met, a customer survey shall be conducted annually. This survey shall be facilitated by the CCWD within the third quarter of each year with customer-related inputs to be provided by the Commercial Division. In order to achieve results that will precisely reflect the satisfaction level of the target population, the sample size to be used in the survey shall be based on a published table (Table 1) that provides the sample size for a given set of criteria. A Customer Survey form shall be issued to the respondents requesting an assessment on the recent year-long service of CCWD. Each respondent shall be given at least one month to accomplish the form. The authorized office representatives shall follow up the completion of the survey form, collect and submit it to the Customer Care Division for integration and analysis. Results of the survey shall be presented to the MANCOM/Management Review for the continual improvement process.

Customer feedback shall be solicited based on the following aspects:

  • Quality of Water
    • clean and safe
    • regular/continuous
  • Quality of Service
    • timeliness to required service/response time to service requests
    • quality of work completed
    • customer relations, feedback on employees
  • Comments / Suggestions

Review & Analysis of Results

Feedback from customers shall be accepted favourably whether these be positive or negative in nature. Complaints shall be accorded with the appropriate corrective action. However, any form of complaint shall be validated first against the standard procedures and the requirements of CCWD’s Quality Management System. If complaint shall be found as a result of a deviation against the system or procedure, then corrective action shall be undertaken by the concerned division. Otherwise, if results of customer service shall be found consistent with the system and the procedure, then the customer/concessionaire shall be duly informed of the process requirements involved. Some complaints after validation may be as a result of uninformed customers/concessionaires. It shall become the duty of the concerned division to provide the complete, updated and accurate information to the customer/concessionaire. Customer communication from initial customer interface to final delivery of service (connection/reconnection to pipeline services, billing and collection cycle) shall be made effective and efficient at all times.

The Customer Care Division shall ensure that all feedback results from the annual customer survey, SMS/text-in messages, CCWD website, and inputs from the Commercial Division on feedback generated from walk-ins and phone calls, are integrated and analyzed for continual improvement purposes. The DM - Customer Care, who shall also serve as the Deputy Quality Management Representative (DQMR), shall be responsible for handling data analysis, monitoring/tracking of corrective action on customer complaints received and report preparation.

Trends shall be established on the nature of feedback received. Customer feedback results shall serve as one of the major inputs to the Management Review with the intent to improve the Quality Management System. Results requiring immediate review and action, shall be presented to the MANCOM during its regular meeting. If however, the nature of feedback shall lead to a risk in the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System, the DQMR shall recommend to the General Manager to call for a special Management Review.

Customer feedback and its results shall not be directed on the concerned division alone but shall be disseminated to all divisions for motivational and constructive purposes. Positive feedback shall be highlighted and due recognition shall be rewarded by the General Manager on the commended division or persons.

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